SRM for Charcot-Marie-Tooth, and other Peripheral Neuropathies



April 25 – April 26, 2015

Early Registration is discounted down to only $300 per two day class. Multiple Course Registration Discount of an additional $50 off of the applicable Regular or Early Discounted Registration fee, for each multiple class registration received, confirmed, and charged at the identical time. This applies for one student registering for multiple workshops at one time, and for 2 or more students registering together for the same seminar. Same Diagnosis Discount of 50% requires receipt of a currently dated MD Script documenting both the student’s diagnosis and the MD permission to participate in the class. This ‘Same Diagnosis’ documentation must be unquestionable that the student’s diagnosis is the same as the workshop’s title and must be received with the student’s registration, confirmation and payment. Discounts for are applied based on the fax date and time of the clearly completed registration form. Please contact us directly for discounts other than Early Registration.

(855) 922-4183