Joshua McWhirter, PT, DPT is a Physical Therapist striving to become highly accomplished in his field. His early experience focused on sports orthopedic medicine, neurological and genetically, both in pediatrics and in adults. During graduate school, Dr. McWhirter gained a keen interest in biomechanics and medical technologies development, starting a research and development company.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, telemedical diagnosis and treatment needs are paramount, and his focus on becoming an expert in movement, mechanics, and all areas of PT, became his priority. Seeking out a leading expert in the field of PT, Dr. Josh partnered with Dr. Sue Léger, and her team at Léger Physical Therapy in 2020. Working and training directly with Dr. Léger’s Symptoms Recovery Models, Dr. McWhirter is on track for becoming Certified as a Manual Structural Correction Specialist. Bringing his broad interests, exceptional mind, and keen wit into the clinic, Dr. McWhirter will benefit and improve the lives of all patients he works with.

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