One hour to three hour talks are given by the highly advanced SRM instructors on a very regular basis. Senior Centers, Support Groups, Associations, Schools, Universities, State Meetings, Regional Meetings and National Meetings are among the many reaping the benefits.


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…or choose from one of the numerous popular SRM topics:

  • Fall Prevention
  • Leak Prevention
  • Treat Your Own Neck
  • Treat Your Own Back
  • Treat Your Own Knee
  • Treat Your Own _______(YOU PICK!)
  • Symptom Recovery Program (SRP) for Multiple Sclerosis
  • SRP for Balance Disorders
  • SRP for Peripheral Neuropathy
  • SRP for Weekend Athletes
  • SRP for Golfers
  • SRP for _______(YOU PICK THE DIAGNOSIS!)
  • SRP for _______(YOU PICK THE DISORDER!)
  • SRP for _______(YOU PICK THE WEAKNESS!)
  • SRP for _______(YOU PICK THE ACTIVITY!)
  • SRP for _______(YOU PICK THE SPORT!)

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